Qingdao zmrubber Co.,Ltd

About Us
Qingdao Weilian plastic & rubber LTD is a trusted partner for the design, optimization and strategic production of rubber parts.
Founded in 2004,and is a world-class, versatile supplier of custom molded and rubber extrusion products. To maintain the highest quality we make our own molds, develop and mix our own compounds, and mold our parts in computer-controlled presses. We use video inspection machines to check each part for surface defects and dimensional accuracy. Our quality management system is certified to international standards ISO 9001 .
Qingdao Weilian Plastic & Rubber LTD serves top aerospace and automotive companies, as well as many other industries. We hope to serve your industry as well.

Our mission is simple: to improve our products and services continually to meet our customers’ sealing needs.