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Automobile Rubber Seal Strip

Automobile Rubber Seal Strip

Automobile Rubber Seal Strip
Product name : Automobile Rubber Seal Strip
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 Automobile Rubber Seal Strip
The automobile seal strip has the function of filling the various intersections and gaps between the parts and parts of body, It has the function of shock absorption, waterproof, dust-proof, sound insulation and decoration, etc. Improving the comfort and protection of riding experience.


The choice of sealing material determines its permanent softness and elasticity,

By adjustment of Formulation, and Improve the softness of sealing material after drying.

And Make it have a good sealing layer between metal sheet and sealing strip, butyl rubber

Has excellent elasticity, make sure the sealing strip can be so easy to remove from metal plate, so dont pollute metal plate.


Automobile rubber seal strip have extruded by EPDM sponge rubber and solid rubber compounded, so have excellent elasticity and compression deformation, aging resistant, Ozone resistant, Chemical Resistant,wide temperature range~40~120℃),Inside unique metal clamps and tongue clasps,sturdy and durable, so easy to install.


The advantage of our automobile rubber seal strip

1.superior insulation

2.Excellent blocking dirty

3.Stabilize front windshield

4.Don't worry about being knocked off and fall off

5. Good Resistance toughness and low/high temperature

6.Dont effect air flow

7.100% raw material, not contain any recycle rubber material

Specification of product

1. Material : imported EPDM raw material

2. vehicle model:Special vehicles are shipped by model

3. Feature:Integrated molding

   Perfectly fit with car shape, special car design,Make sure you use it more easily and quickly

4. Position:A-shaped column, B-shaped column,C-shaped column,Four gate,trunk

5. Function: sealing, waterproof, dust resistant,wind resistant,sound proof, noise  reduction, sound insulation.

6. Technology : Adopting German technology in vulcanization joint,The installation is  beautiful,aging resistant, blocking dirt and rain water entering into car cabinet, excellent durability

7. Excellent environment protection. No harm to human.


 Automotive rubber seal is made with various of size, shape, color according to different Usage.

1.Solid automotive rubber seal

2.Sponge automotive rubber seal

3.Solid rubber +steel/aluminum+sponge 

Specification of rubber seal strip

1.Material: Silicone, EPDM,PVC, etc


3.Temperature range: ~40~300℃

4.Size or color: as your requirement

5.Application: automotive, machinery, electrical, building, medical and other industry

6.Certification:REACH, ROHS,FDA certificated, etc

7.Performance:Aging-resistant, Ozone-resistant, UV-resistant, water-resistant,high/low temperature range. Excellent flexibility and sealing.


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