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Automotive rubber weather seal strip

Automotive rubber weather seal strip

Automotive rubber weather seal strip
Product name : Automotive rubber weather seal strip
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Automotive rubber weather seal strip

Automotive Weatherstrip often are used for car door, window, trunk to insulate water , air, dirty from entering your car when your door ,trunk and windows are closed. So make you have more safe and comfortable travelling. Reduce energy loss when strong wind and air swirl occur during high speed driving.


Automotive rubber weather seal strip overview

Automotive rubber weather seal strip is designed into various of type according to different application environment. So can be custom-made to fit your requirement.

So Mainly Automotive rubber weather seal strip range is as below

1.Body and Hood Weatherstripping

2.Door and window Weatherstripping

3.Trim and Universal Weatherstrip

4.Windshield Weatherstripping

5.Trunk and Tailgate Weatherstripping

6.Door Belt Weatherstrip



Mainly function is blocking water, dust and other dirty something entering into your vehicle.



Automotive weather strip have different structure due to different application

1.EPDM + Steel Clip + Sponge EPDM Rubber Bulb Trim Seal

2.EPDM + Steel Wire + Sponge EPDM Rubber Bulb Trim Seal

3.PVC + Steel Clip Bulb Trim Seal

4.PVC + Steel Clip + Sponge EPDM Rubber Trim Seal

5.Sponge EPDM Rubber Extrusion

6.EPDM+Sponge EPDM Rubber Extrusion

Most automotive weatherstrip is extruded by extrusion tooling and commonly form three type of weather strip. One of weather strip has constituted by three parts. One of weather strip is solid weather strip. Material of solid weather strip is common EPDM, PVC. Silicone

Solid part is U shape, And another steel part will be put into U shape solid rubber part.

And third part is foam rubber bulb seal part with various of shape.


Another automotive weather strip is a kind of sponge rubber seal backing tape(3M, or as your requirement). The shape of weather strip is various. Can be P””D””Z, etc.


The third kind of automotive weather strip is just solid rubber. Material can be EPDM, PVC,

PE, Etc

Automotive weather strip we manufacture is with high quality, are all past international quality certification, such as ISO/TS 16949:2009

The different material of weather strip is with different performance.

The basic feature of few material of weatherstrip is as below,

EPDM is main and common material of automotive weather strip, which feature is anti-weather, waterproof, UV, anti-dust, so can stop water, dust, dirty something entering into automotive , and let automotive work so well and clean. And also wide temperature range (~40~120℃),so can keep stable performance under various temperature conditions; Has superior flexibility than PVC .On base of these performance, EPDM weatherstrip is a kind of main material in automotive industry.


1. EPDM solid weather strip

2. EPDM sponge weather strip

3. EPDM solid+sponge weatherstrip

4. EPDM solid+flocking extrusion

5. EPDM Rubber +steel strip/Wire composite extrusion

6. EPDM solid+sponge +steel strip/ White Composite extrusion


PVC feature

1.excellent aging/oil/wear resistance

2.low price and good performance than common rubber strip

3.Disadvantage is bad flexibility for low temperature


TPV feature

1.excellent mechanical

2.Weather resistant(freezing cold, sunlight, ozone, UV)

3.Wide temperature range resistant

4.High humility

The advantage of our automotive weather strip

1.The smooth surface, Flat Cross Section, Easy installation

2.EPDM is Ozone, aging, acid, alkali ,weather resistant

3.The steel/wire lips, individual metal lips or wire lips retain a performance grip

4.Strong gripping tongue provide stronger grip


5.with excellent elasticity , easy store and installation



Package of automotive weather strip is still standard export package or as clients requirement. Generally length for a roll is 200meters, a roll for one carton.




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