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EPDM Sponge Rubber Extrusion Strips

EPDM Sponge Rubber Extrusion Strips

EPDM Sponge Rubber Extrusion Strips
Product name : EPDM Sponge Rubber Extrusion Strips
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EPDM Sponge Rubber Extrusion Strips


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Product Description


EPDM Sponge Rubber Extrusion Strips



         material EPDM or other material

The property of material

1. Ozone and chemical resistance

2. 2.High temperature resistance

3. Excellent weather and water resistance

4. Anti-aging,anti-radiation,good flexibility,good elasticity




Black or other color


Strictly according to your requirement


Used for waterproof,dust-proof,sound-proof,insulation,shock absorption decorative effect,durable,elegant appearance,convenient etc

Material Certification


Processing technology


EPDM Sponge Rubber Extrusion Strips Feature:

1.Excellent raw material: 100% imported raw materials DuPont/Dutch DSM , so made out Sponge rubber extrusion strip with the high-quality
2.Special essence formula: in particular the ratio of fine size of the recipe fine material, So finished part with Excellent and outstanding performance
3. stability,strong tensile tear strength far exceeds industry standards
4.Excellent weather resistant performance :the anti-UV,anti-ozone,anti-aging and other physical properties of extrusion strip remain stable in high temperature of 160 degrees -40 ℃ condition.

5.Have so excellent mechanical properties and comprehensive physical properties ,best elasticity,pressure change ≤23%are used for all kinds of dynamic and static seals.

6.Special formula that are Specially added anti-aging and high elastic group,  So the durability and sealing of the part are superior.

7.Outstanding comprehensive performance, eg: windproof,waterproof,sound-proof, insulate temperature ,excellent property of durability and damping. So are used for High-rise buildings and coastal strong wind area building doors and Windows

Application & Function

1.Usually used for Building door & windows; curtain walls, Automobiles, trucks, boat,

railway, plane,cabinet,bridge,equipment, industrial and agriculture machines etc.

2.mainly function is waterproof, dust-proof, sound-proof, insulation, shock absorption, decorative effect, durable, elegant appearance, convenient etc.


1. Very soft and light weight, with smooth surface, foam density uniform(close cell, open cell),foam with adhesive

2. Ozone and chemical resistance. Good elasticity and flexibility,and Excellent weather resistance and water resistant

3. High and low temperature resistance, Temperature range:-40+_120℃

4. No penetrating smell, can ensure long life to use under stable temperature



Rubber sponge product

1. Rubber square sponge seal

2. Rubber rectangle sponge profile

3. Rubber sponge sheet with many sizes, with or without adhesive tape

4. Rubber cord/rubber round sponge seal

5. EPDM adhesive D/P/E/I shape adhesive seals for door and window

6. Automobile sponge seals

7. Silicone sponge profiles

8. Other EPDM sponge/foam extrusion or Co-extrusion profiles




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