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Round/square sponge rubber strip

Round/square sponge rubber strip

Round/square sponge rubber strip
Product name : Round/square sponge rubber strip
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 Round/square sponge rubber strip

Our factory manufacture EPDM foam sealing strip are used 100% new raw material as basic material, adding certain foaming agent and catalyst,again after a series manufacturing process,microwave cure foaming and become a perforated spongiform elastomer, so also known as rubber foaming sponge strip. 


EPDM Round/square sponge rubber strip plays a crucial part in sealing gap throughout a multitude of different industrial sectors. Are made from EPDM, so it seals against any ingress of water or air. EPDM Sponge strip have a closed cell structure, therefore don't allow liquid,gases or air to pass through them.Creating a perfect airtight seal on your products. The compression of the EPDM sponge base material allows for uneven surfaces to be securely sealed once clamped down onto.EPDM sponge has excellent resistance to UV and ozone therefore is widely used in external application when parts will be subject to weathering.EPDM sponge is a relatively cheap sponge material choice making it a cost effective solution to most sealing application.

Product Description


EPDM foam/sponge


White, black, gray, blue, red, or as clients requirement








architectural, vessel, door and window


Various different shapes: D,P,E,I,V,U,O,L,J,Half-round, etc

Application temperature

EPDM : -40°C - 120°C




ISO9001& ISO16949


To meet clients various requirement, we also make silicone round/square sponge strip

 The size for round sponge strip is as below,

Ф2,Ф3,Ф3.5,Ф4,Ф5,Ф6,Ф7,Ф8,Ф9,Ф10,Ф10.5,Ф11,Ф12,Ф14,Ф15,Ф15.5,Ф16,Ф18,Ф20,Ф30,Ф32,Ф40 etc.

The size for square sponge strip is as below,


Or all of dimensions for round and square sponge strip are also made as your requirement

The advantage of our factory

1.We have complete production system and quality control system

So the best price and excellent quality we absolutely promise you.

2.we have enough work staff and advanced machinery.


 So fast delivery time is for you.


1.Clean the surface before sticking

2.Peel off the release paper backing section-by section

3.Stick on the surface place, then press


Our service

1.High quality and competitive prices

2.Fast delivery time

3.Clear,stronger, and standard package

4.Professional after-sales service

5.OEM and free sample are available


About us

These years, We are working on various project of customers and long term working in rubber industry. We have faith in giving your professional advice on your particular project.

At present, our market have been expanded to more than 30 countries, and still growing.

First we will get drawing or sample from our client to check their design. If there is no drawing or sample, we will ask some question about product concept and design idea.

Then according to what application environment of rubber part, we will help design drawing and what raw material is best for rubber part. OEM parts are ok for us.

 We can meet your requirement of the design and use for different shapes and material,

 And high/low temperature, foam/sponge or solid rubber profile, fire resistance and special property of any rubber profile and molding rubber part.


Adopt EPDM material for any rubber sponge strip: the surface is exquisite, good elasticity,

 With well-distributed inner bubble, excellent water-resistance,anti-ozone, anti-age, best Solvent resistance .



EPDM rubber and plastic/foam series products

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