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Solid EPDM Rubber Seal Strip

Solid EPDM Rubber Seal Strip

Solid EPDM Rubber Seal Strip
Product name : Solid EPDM Rubber Seal Strip
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 Solid EPDM Rubber Seal Strip


We have many different items of plant and machinery to manufacture some range of solid rubber strip. They have no standard shapes, colors, or hardness. They are totally customized.We can also manufacture self adhesive solid sealing strip backing to one  both sides of the solid rubber strip if you required.

 Solid sealing strip are made by various of material, such as EPDM, Silicone, CR, NBR, etc

And also widely applied in all kinds of industries, you will find them in your life any time and wherever.


Solid EPDM Rubber sealing strip is formed by the microwave vulcanization once.The surface look well and smooth, and has excellent elasticity and compression resistance and deformation. Anti-aging, anti-ozone, chemical resistance, has wide use temperature range(-50℃~+150℃). have been widely applied for window and door of automotive industry and other manufacturing industry. Sealing strip has ability to meet the requirement of design and use to different shapes, various material, or cold-resistant, heat-resistant, sponge, solid, and the requirement of the product with special property.

 And has excellent UV-resistant, weather-resistant, heat-aging resistant, low temperature resistant, ozone resistant, chemical reagents to resistant, water-proof, Good electrical insulation and elasticity,And other physical mechanical properties.


The property of solid sealing strip

1.EPDM sealing strip has excellent weather resistance. weather-ability refers to have a long-term ability to resist cold, hot, dry, wet. and has excellent corrosion resistance to the water of the rain and snow, can prolong the service life of the sealing strip.

2.Heat -aging resistance refers to the strong resistance to air aging, can be used in temperature range(100-120℃)for longer time. Can also maintain effective physical properties in temperature range(140-150℃) for longer time. And can resist high temperature (230-260℃) in a short time. Can delay it When city building has a sudden accident. In additional, there is special recipe, so the property of EPDM sealing strip is almost the same in temperature range from ~50 to 150℃. So can Create efficient work performance for the installation of production site.

3. EPDM sealing strip has excellent resistant-ozone, It is also known as "no crack rubber".

Especially used in different atmospheric indexes, various of urban buildings completely exposed in the air.It will show the superiority of its products.

4.Have excellent UV resistance, so offer environment protection for high-rising building.

Can withstand 60 ~ 150KV voltage, corona resistance,Resistance to electric cracking,arc resistance. Has low temperature elasticity , refer to the temperature can reach -58.8℃ when the tensile capacity up to 100 MPA.

Due to excellent physical mechanical properties,Therefore, it is often used to make planes, cars, trains, buses, ships, high-voltage switchboards, glass curtain walls,Seal parts for aluminum alloy window,Diving products,High pressure steam hose,tunnel, joint of overpass or viaduct,Waterproof parts and other sealing parts in manufacture and agricultural industry.

The physical property of EPDM solid sealing strip

Test Items





White, black or color

Compression deformation(100℃,22h) Max %


Resistance ozone(100pm,40℃*100h), elongation 20%

No crack

tensile strength MPA(psi)


elongation at break, min


thermal aging


Hardness range

+10 ShA to -5ShA

The change rate of tensile strength, Max %


The change rate of elongation, Max %


tear strength, Min(kN/M,(ibf/in)

≥15 KN.M

brittle temperature(~40℃,3minutes)

No crack



Fire resistant



1.protect structure, clean room ,computer room,machinery equipment, filter system and protect from dust and dirt.

2. Sealing strip will high-efficiently offer heating and cooling temperature according to the different gap of window and door with various of style and size.

3. Sealing strip can reduce heat loss and improve the working environment of industrial oven in high temperature application.

4.Effectively reduce or eliminate of light diffusion in dark rooms in sensitive areas

5.Sealing strip can reduce the loss of sound propagation, can block the place of leak sound

6.vibration suppression,Use flexible strips on brushes, and To fix adjacent surfaces

7.Sealing strip will be made into all kinds of shapes and sizes, to protect entrance of any building, also save some cost


Production range

1.EPDM/NBR/SR/CR/PVC products, High glass curtain wall, Thermoelastic elastomer,  sealing used in Food processing equipment and other sealing products

2.EPDM Rubber extrusion profile

3.Sealing strip for automotive and cabinet

4.Sealing strip for window and door

5.Sealing strip for container

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