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Automotive Rubber Edge Trim Seal

Automotive Rubber Edge Trim Seal

Automotive Rubber Edge Trim Seal
Product name : Automotive Rubber Edge Trim Seal
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 Rubber Edge trim seal is also called U type co-extrusion,automotive decoration sealing,cabinet weatherstrip.
Play important role in protecting exposed metal edge for automotive door cabinet, home appliance.
Inner belt quality steel belt, easy to install, the card is good,
contain unique tongue type buckle ACTS as the anti-slip, the installation is firm.
Main Function is sealing,decoration,edge,protection, dust proof,water proof and so on.
Are mainly used for electric appliance,automotive, cabinet,building etc


Material:EPDM with steel sheet inside or as your clients requirement

Size: any in stock or as clients requirement

Color:main black

The property of Rubber edge trim seal

1. Environmental protection,insulation,anti-high and low temperature,Resistant to compression,Strong Resilience,ozone resistance

2. Surface tolerance +_0.05mm, The foam density is uniform

3. Acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, non-toxic, tasteless, odourless

4. Good surface viscosity, good air permeability

5. Insect repellent, windproof, soundproof, isolation, anti - collision, waterproof

The advantage of rubber edge trim seal:

1.High quality imported raw material

It has good compression deformation resistance,Green and environmentally friendly,

free from extraneous odour,High rubber density,Strong defensive

2.Steel sheet inside

Built-in corker strip,Enhance the strength of the card not to fall off easily,

Section steel belt is easy to bend

3.Super strength and toughness

Install freely,Optional edge adjustment,Removal can also be restored naturally


4.The lines are clear and good glossy


The advantage of our company in making rubber edge trim seal

1. Adopting imported raw material with high quality

Appearance is neat and beautiful, long service life,

It won't irritate your skin and harm your health.

Use safety, green environment protection

2. Factory direct sale

Reduce the distribution of distributors,Let the manufacturer meet directly with the consumer,So that you can save money.Buy them comfort, use them with reassurance

3.Model is complete. Welcome to come purchase

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