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Universal automobile windshield window rubber seal

Universal automobile windshield window rubber seal

Universal automobile windshield window rubber seal
Product name : Universal automobile windshield window rubber seal
Item :
Details :
 Auto windshield rubber seal are vulcanized and formed made by extrusion tooling once.

Mainly made of material EPDM, also be required material PVC, Silicone, NBR etc.

Main function have decoration, crash proof, Scratch-resistant, sealing.

Color have all kinds , such as red, white, yellow, black and so on

We also welcome to customized with all kinds of dimensions.

Material: EPDM

Hardness: 65+_5ShA

Color: black

Dimension: width 25mm ,height 17mm, stuck panel 3mm, stuck glass 5mm

Property:Anti-Aging, corrosion resistance, long service life

Function:sealing, dust proof, waterproof, decoration, windproof, Edge, etc

The advantage of automobile windshield window rubber seal

1. Import raw material

Green and environmentally friendly, no abnormal odour

2.Special stuck strips

Equipped with special stuck strips to make it more secure, easy to install and remove

3.Super toughness    

Random bending, no deformation,non-breaking

4.Stable property, aging resistance

Rubber has high chemical stability,Excellent electrical insulation and aging resistance,

And excellent waterproof property

5.Exquisite workmanship,shape normalization  


The style is varied, the specification is much

main application

Are used for Machine machinery, high voltage switch cabinet,Glass walls, cars,boat,
stage construction,Construction engineering and other fields, construction machinery and so on

The advantage of our company

1. Adopt high quality rubber

Rubber has high chemical and stable properties,Strong sealing, abrasion resistance, shock absorber and excellent waterproof, environmental friendly performance

2.Exquisite workmanship

 We produce and market all by ourselves. We do every detail by heart.Make high-end products by heart,Serve every customer

3.Take every detail of production seriously

We pay attention to every detail, make high-end products with heart, and serve every customer

4. Environment of factory

orderly harmonious and Efficient operation.

people first,Everything revolves around the life of man,Production activities create a beautiful indoor environment

5. Workshop internal

Outstanding performance/competitive strength

The company is people-oriented,hire competent person, step by step,


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