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automobile rubber glazing gasket

automobile rubber glazing gasket

automobile rubber glazing gasket
Product name : automobile rubber glazing gasket
Item :
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Automobile rubber glazing gasket

Glazing gaskets are made from EPDM rubber,including glazing seal with strength core
and glazing seal without strength core,
which are mainly used for fixing the windows and the windshields to provide a good seal between glass
and metal sheet.

Gazing rubber channel are used around the edges of glass windows and doors are designed to fix.

Product Description

Item Name

EPDM Solid rubber seal strip fo car windshield




Black or as client's requirement






Z-shape,D-Shape,B-shape,P-Shape, etc

Suitable models



anti-weather, waterproof, UV, anti-dust,good elasticity and flexibility
Non-toxic, ozone resistant


car engine, car trunk, car door and window or building industry etc



The property of our Solid EPDM gazing gasket

1. Very soft with smooth surface and good elasticity

2. Anti-zone,anti-aging,weather resistance,oil resistance

3. Excellent anti-UV performance,better flexibility

4. Super elasticity and chemical corrosion resistance

5. Firm and flexible, Easy to assemble

6.  Excellent fire and water resistance

7. High/Low temperature range(~40ºC~+120ºC)

8. Good tight dimensional tolerance and have excellent compression ability

The advantage of Rubber sealing strip
1.General purpose dashboard noise insulation strip,the length can be adjusted arbitrarily,
Make sure to fit the length of the slot in the dashboard.

2.strong toughness,good elasticity,you can fold it at your will and no deformation,
Can withstand a strong impact on the dashboard.

3.Groove design can be more firmly clamped inside the control platform inside the cracks not to fall,
Sealing and sound insulation are better.

4.It's easy to install as long as you put in the gaps better,
Just force it in and it won't damage the original car

Usage : for window and door, curtain wall, shower door, aluminum window, glass door, sliding door,
auto door,wooden door, cabinet door, sauna door, bathroom door, refrigerator, sliding window & door

Structure: solid, sponge, hard and soft co-extrusion
cutting section customized


The benefit of installing rubber windshield strip
1.Stabilize front windshield glass
2.Better sound insulation and dust isolation
3.anti-high and low temperature,strong toughness
4.It doesn't affect the flow of air 
5.Don't worry about being knocked off
6.Effectively solve the problem of control

The Step of installation to rubber windshield strip
1.The barb is alignment on the inside of the good carriage
2.Lay flat on a crack and press it by your hand
3.Press it inside by pressing plate
4.press it smooth and end installation.

Automotive series:

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coated glass run automotive rubber strips, automotive car door weather co-extruded EPDM rubber strips
truck seals, engine compartment seal, door rubber trim seal, front and rear windshield rubber,
glass guide flocked rubber seal

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