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Container/Van PVC Extrusion Seal

Container/Van PVC Extrusion Seal

Container/Van PVC Extrusion Seal
Product name : Container/Van PVC Extrusion Seal
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 Container/Van PVC Extrusion Seal

Container/Van PVC Extrusion Seal is co- extruded by the tooling, Can customized with All kinds of Shape, Eg, H type shape, T type Shape and so on. Mainly used for container door seal, Van door seal and so on, Play important role in sealing function.

 Material: EPDM+PVC

Color: Grey, Black, White+Black

Craft: Co-extrusion

Application: Van, Container,Auto door seal

Function: Sealing

             Specification: Can customize all kinds of dimensions, width:20mm, 25mm, 30mm,35mm,40mm,50mm,60mm,80mm


1. Environmental protection, insulation, high and low temperature resistance, compression resistance, strong resilience, ozone resistance

2. The surface tolerance is small, +_0.05mm, The foaming density is even

3. Acid and alkali resistance, anti - aging, non - toxic, tasteless, odorless

4. Good surface viscosity, good air permeability

5. Insect proof, wind proof, sound proof, smoke proof, collision proof and waterproof

The advantage:

1. This profile is made of modified PVC high resilience plastic through compaction, granulation, software and hard rod extrusion.Therefore, the soft seal and the hard sea will not be separated.

2. Because it is different from the traditional rubber seal, it is easy to store, which reduces labor intensity, speeds up the project progress and reduces construction cost


3. This profile is beautiful in appearance, and after use, it can improve the product level of box cars and make them more competitive in the market


About our company

As a enterprises professional production on container sealing strip ,The sealing strip is developed successively applied for various kinds of van and containers,The product is beautiful and generous, the installation is convenient, the sealing performance is good, the service life is long, is raises the freight car class novel product,complete varieties, quality assurance. For many years has been exported to Europe, America, eastern Europe, Japan and other international markets.


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