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TPE/TPV Rubber Extrusion Sealing Strip

TPE/TPV Rubber Extrusion Sealing Strip

TPE/TPV Rubber Extrusion Sealing Strip
Product name : TPE/TPV Rubber Extrusion Sealing Strip
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 TPE/TPV Rubber Extrusion Sealing Strip

Material: TPE/TPV

Color: white, black,red,etc

Hardness: 30~90ShA

Application:Wooden door, security door, sliding door, various aluminum plastic doors and Windows,etc


Thermoplastic elastomer has a very wide range of product adaptability,Due to the adjustable and control ability of the special molecular structure of thermoplastic elastomer,

Show a variety of excellent performance.


1. Physical Properties

Good appearance and gentle touch,Easy to color.Color stabilization and Uniform,Physical properties can be adjusted,Provide wide creative space for product design.Mechanical properties comparable to vulcanized rubber. However, no vulcanization is required, and the hardness is wide.from 0ShA to 70ShA.Excellent tensile resistant properties, Resistant Tensile strength can reach up to a few dozen MPA.The elongation rate of breaking elongation can reach more than ten times.Long-term resistant temperature can exceed 70 ℃.The performance in low temperature environment is excellent.can still maintain good resistance deflection in below 60℃. Good electrical insulation and voltage resistance.

Outstanding anti-slip performance, Resistance to abrasion and weathering.


2.chemical properties

Resistance to general chemicals(water,Acid, base ,alcohols,and other solvent).It can be processed in solvents.Can be dipped in solvent or oil in the short term. No-toxic,Good UV

radiation and oxidation resistance.Can be used in outdoor environment. Good bond performance, Suitable adhesive technology is selected. It can be directly bonded to leather or artificial leather.

The property of TPE/TPV sealing strip

1. The density is very low, only 0.9g/cm3

2. The processing performance is excellent

3. Excellent mechanical properties

4. Weather resistance, ozone resistance is very prominent

5. Excellent staining performance

6. Soft Touch

7. High/low temperature performance is outstanding

 The Advantage of TPE/TPV sealing strip

1.Adopt 100% high quality rubber raw material,And it's been rigorously tested.

Meet environmental requirements

1. environment friendly and safe, and Good insulation performance, High temperature resistance, small compression,Strong Resilience.

2. Surface level, uniform density

3. Acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, non-toxic



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