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EPDM Rubber Trim Seal

EPDM Rubber Trim Seal

EPDM Rubber Trim Seal
Product name : EPDM Rubber Trim Seal
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 EPDM Rubber Edge Trim Seal

Rubber Edge Trim Seal is also called U shape rubber sealing, Machine rubber sealing strip. Usually insert steel plate or steel wire to play a importance role in reinforcement.

Mainly used for sealing, decorate function. Are made by extrusion tooling, with EPDM.

And consist of sponge rubber and solid rubber part.


Material of rubber :EPDM

Material of metal: Steel plate or steel wire

Function: sealing and fixing

Color: Black

Shape: Top bulb seal; Side bulb seal; two bulb seal, flap seal etc

The main property

1. High quality raw material

2. Excellent sealing, waterproof, fireproof, anti-insect, anti-wind and anti-light, anti-collision, anti-pressure and deformation, environmental protection, no peculiar smell and long service life and other character.

3. Insert steel plate or steel wire reinforce stuck strength , so not easy to fall off.

The segmented steel plate is convenient to bend at will

 The inner steel belt is self - clamped, anti - collision and anti - scratch decorative sealing, etc



When cutting, avoid the steel piece part, try to find the slot of the steel piece slot

Packaging Details

Car Door Seal usually pack with 50m/roll, 2 rolls/Carton, General Carton size: 50*50*25cm, the cartons are standard stronger exportation carton, then with wooden pallet.



1.Car window and door seal

2. Windshield seal & Truck Door Seal

3. Engine Hood/bonnet seal

4. Garage window and door seal

5. Electrical Equipment

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