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Extruded Rubber Product

Extruded Rubber Product

Extruded Rubber Product
Product name : Extruded Rubber Product
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 Extruded Rubber Product

Extruded rubber product is made of various of material in all of shape, size ,colors from wide range industry and application, divided into solid extruded product and sponge rubber profile. Commonly type, such as C type, D type, H type, P type, L type, T type, U type , etc.


Extruded rubber product is mainly sealing ,decoration and protection for all of application environment. The property of various of material for extruded rubber part is as below,

1. the property of NR

 It has good wear resistance, high elasticity, breaking strength and elongation, But in the air, it is easy to get age, and it is get sticky when it get in touch with heat, which is easy to expand and dissolve in mineral oil or gasoline, but it is resistant to strong acid, but not to Alkali . working temperature is -50~70℃.

2. the property of EPDM

Weather ability, aging resistance, ozone resistance, chemical stability are excellent, and CFCS and a variety of refrigerants. Working temperature is -50~150

3. the property of silicone

It has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistant.Good electrical insulation performance,The tensile strength and wear resistance are generally poor and has non- oil resistant. The working temperature is -55~250℃

4. The property of NBR

Good oil resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and high - pressure oil,But it is not suitable for polar solvents, such as ketones, ozone, nitro-hydrocarbons, and chloroform. The working temperature is -40~120 ℃

5. the property of CR

It has good elasticity, wear resistance and atmospheric aging resistance. It is not afraid of violent distortion and flammability.Chemical stability. The working temperature is -40~100 ℃

6. The property of FKM

Excellent high temperature resistance,And have excellent chemical resistance, most oil and solvent (other than ketones and esters).cold resistance is not good.

6. The property of PU

High strength, excellent wear resistance, good oil resistance and solvent resistance,,In particular, it has good anti-swelling properties for lubricating oil and fuel oil,Good ozone resistance. But it's not high temperature. The working temperature is -45~110 ℃.


EPDM extruded product

 EPDM extruded product are divided into Solid sealing strip and Sponge sealing strip.

The property of EPDM extruded product

1.excellent aging and weather resistant

2.Super Ozone and chemical resistant

3. High Soft and tightness 

4. Excellent heat and cold resistant(-50~170℃)

5.Super flexibility, tensile strength 200%


The property of solid EPDM extruded product

1.applicable temperature is below 40~140℃, hardness range is 30~90ShA

2.tensile strength≥10, elongation rate at break is 200~600%, Compression permanently deform ability is 24H, 70>35%,

3.The density is 1.2~1.35g/cm3

The property of sponge EPDM extruded product

1. The hardness range is 15~30ShA

2. The density range is 0.2~0.8g/cm3

3. The temperature range is -45~80℃


Application range

Excellent physical and mechanical properties,So it is often used to make planes, cars, trains, buses and ships,All kinds of communication cabinet, electric gas cabinet, witu machine cabinet, generator set cabinet, box transformer, wind tower cylinder, electrical equipment, glass curtain wall,The sealing parts and diving products, high pressure steam hose, tunnel, viaduct joint etc,It has the effect of anti-collision and anti-dust proof and anti-insect buffering, and other industrial and agricultural seal parts.



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