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Sponge Rubber Profile

Sponge Rubber Profile

Sponge Rubber Profile
Product name : Sponge Rubber Profile
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 Sponge Rubber Profile

Sponge Rubber Profile is actually sealing strip by extrusion tooling with wide range of dimension, all of material, color, shape suitable for various of application.

At present, we specialize in automotive sponge profile, sponge profile for sound solution with big D type and big P type, U type decoration sponge profile, silicone sponge profile, EPDM sponge profile, etc. To better apply for all kind of requirement, some sponge profile with tape backing or with metal plate insider rubber profile. 

The property of Sponge profile

1.The raw material of sponge profile has EVA, PE, CR, PORON, EPDM, SCF, and sponge,etc

2. Main function: Dust proof sealing, leak proof sealing,fixed sealing,crash proof, cushion, heat insulation, sound insolation

3. You can choose dimension and specification according the requirement of product

4. Sponge profile can be with one side tape backing or with both side tape backing

EPDM Sponge Profile

EPDM Sponge Profile is a kind of sealing strip extruded by micro wave once for wide application range, mainly used for cabinet, container, refrigerate, spraying, electrical industry, automotive,machinery, window and door, etc.



1.sealing and protection

2. Weather tight sealing

3.Oil resistant sealing

4.Fire and smoke resistant

5.Decoration  sealing

6.Dust and water,sound insulation resistant sealing

7.Oxi dative  and erosion resistance 


The property of EPDM Sponge Profile

1.environment protect,insulation, high/low temperature resistant, compression resistant, strong Resilience, Ozone resistant

2.Adopting the microwave vulcanization process to be formed once

3. Excellent Acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, aging resistance.

4.Excellent flame retardant performance, low smoke, low toxicity, high accuracy of extrusion

5.Insect proof, windproof, sound insulation, smoke, anti-collision, waterproof


The advantage of our sponge profile

1. we can manufacture theoretical width with no less than 1mm,The theoretical thickness of any material sealing strip is not greater than 25mm

2.  Offer free sample

3. Strictly control the raw material waste rate,Help you save material costs

4. With the most rigorous and responsible attitude to provide the best service for every customer

5. Smooth surface,Foam evenly,inclusion-free, excellent flexibility and top quality

6. strong toughness, long life,effects and satisfactory




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