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Extruded Rubber Profile

Extruded Rubber Profile

Extruded Rubber Profile
Product name : Extruded Rubber Profile
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 Extruded Rubber Profile

Extruded rubber profile is extruded into sealing strip with all kinds of material, EPDM, PVC, NBR,silicone and so on, and mainly used for sealing, edging protection, weather stripping function. For the requirement of all kinds of application, we manufacture automotive sealing strip, window and door sealing strip,air-condition sealing strip,furniture sealing strip,electric appliance sealing strip, E type, P type, D type sealing strip, EPDM foam and solid sealing strip,CO-extrusion ,PVC extrusion. And also wide application, mainly for automotive industry, construction industry, etc. Any color available.


The property of Extruded Rubber Profile

1.Density is light,strong elongation strength ,waterproof, environment friendly,simple install, excellent leak resistant, seepage-proofing, block water.

2.Corrosion resistant, anti-aging ,anti high/low temperature ,anti-deformation,Non-brittle, long use life.

3.It has a separate opening bubble structure,The appearance of the special seam plate is uniform distribution of honeycomb holes,the cement and sealant glue can be cemented tightly together without the need for wool, suitable to the change of natural expansion shrinkage,Enhanced sealing Joint swelling and the effect of stopping water.


According to the structure of extruded profile, are divided into solid extruded rubber profile(round type ,square type, Flat section shape),Hollowed plastic product and Co-extrusion with metal part, etc. And Co-extrusion with metal part account for more 60%.

The design of section is so important extruded profile. First of all,Sealing lip shape, size design, and both sides of sealing lip should be the same, the proper force from the window glass side contact the glass. Second, The length and thickness of lip is proper, Too thick, too long will make glass rising and falling resistance to be larger. Too thin, too short can lead to glass without good guidance and sealing, and will cause vibration,noise ,leaking rain. The design of shape and dimension of section,The window steel slot has a bump on the section,the function is to assemble the guide slot.  Therefore, The corresponding structure should be designed at the bottom of the guide section, So it is easy to install, and It can also use the elastic of the seal itself to attach to inside the steel collector bar, prevent falling off. Finally, the dimension and shape outside, to improve the appearance,The outside of the guide groove should be closely fitted with the body.


Extruded profile has wide application, mainly used in

1. Automotive industry

2. Construction industry

3. Container industry

4. Boat, train, railway and transport industry

Extruded profile with all kinds of shape, color, material, dimension and so on,

Has different function.


1. Used for sealing and protection

2. Used for decoration

3. Used for weather stripping

4. For fire,water,dust,dirt resistant


High/Low temperature resistan


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