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Extruded rubber strips profile

Extruded rubber strips profile

Extruded rubber strips profile
Product name : Extruded rubber strips profile
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 Extruded rubber strips profile

Extruded rubber strip profile is extruded by extruded tooling with various of material, such as EPDM, Silicone, NBR, CR, etc. Mainly used for sealing function, widely used in various of industry. Extruded rubber strip profile can be made into all kinds of color, shapes, dimensions, density and so on. Different material will be made into different sealing strip.

Such as EPDM sealing strip, NBR sealing strip, silicone sealing strip and so on.

Different sealing strip with different material has different performance.

EPDM feature

1.super sealing performance, for blocking water, wind, dust, noise outside

2.Weather resistant(Ozone, UV, freezing cold, sunlight)

3.excellent flexibility and anti-deformation

4.Widely temperature range(~40~120℃)

5. Chemical and water resistance


Silicone feature

1.excellent resistance to high or low temperature(-60℃~+200℃)

2.electrical insulation property


3.electrical insulation property

4.Resistant low temperature

5. excellent electrical conductivity

6. Good sealing feature, stop water, air, dusts inside

7. excellent thermal conductivity


PVC feature

1.excellent aging/oil/wear resistance

2.low price and good performance than common rubber strip

3.Disadvantage is bad flexibility for low temperature


TPV feature

1.excellent mechanical

2.Weather resistant(freezing cold, sunlight, ozone, UV)

3.Wide temperature range resistant

4.High humility


So you can choose relevant material according to different application environment


Our product range

1.EPDM Co-extrusion or sealing strip

2.Silicone tube or sealing strip

3.NBR rubber gasket or sealing strip

4.CR rubber part or o-ring

5.SBR rubber part or o-ring

6.NR rubber buffer or rubber pad

7.FKM o-ring


The advantage of our factory

1.We have complete production system and quality control system

So the best price and excellent quality we absolutely promise you.

All of rubber parts are past ISO9001/TS16949 certified. Low tooling fee.

2.we have enough work staff and advanced machinery.

 So fast delivery time is for you.

Our service

1.High quality and competitive prices

2.Fast delivery time

3.Clear,stronger, and standard package

4.Professional after-sales service

5.OEM and free sample are available


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