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Flame Retardant foam/sponge rubber seal strip

Flame Retardant foam/sponge rubber seal strip

Flame Retardant foam/sponge rubber seal strip
Product name : Flame Retardant foam/sponge rubber seal strip
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 Flame Retardant foam/sponge rubber seal strip

Flame retardant rubber strip are applied for a variety of application, So make use of our range of different types of material and fire protection class to find a suitable part for the application. Mainly material is EPDM, Silicone, CR, Polyethylene ,PE, Etc

Flame retardant seals are also used extensively on mass transit (rail/tram/bus) vehicles and stations and our compounds also meet a number of recognized standards that are required.

Each kind of material for Foam sealing strips with flame retardant also belong to flame retardant processing range.For each application, there is a foam with flame retardant property can be subdivided into relevant flame retardant ratings.



Flame retardant sealing strip can be installed on doors and Windows, wall space and pipeline (line) gate valves.

When fire broke out, as the temperature rising,The fireproof sealing strip in the position of fire source is expanding rapidly. And form a local compact seal gap, To prevent the seepage and spread of the gas, smoke and flame of a fire,To achieve the time to win the rescue and minimize the loss of personal injury and property.


Application for flame retardant foams

1.Automotive industry and electronic industry

2.transit industry(rail, bus, truck or other vehicles and stations)

3.Building industry

4.Medical equipment seal


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Flame Retardant Polyethylene foam is a low density closed cell expanded foam that has a cross-linked cell structure and is extremely flexible and relatively soft in nature, this formula make sure that can get an effective sealing strip against liquids, gases and solid particles.Flame retardant Polyethylene Foam in various densities including 24kg/m3, 30kg/m3, 45kg/M3.


About us

These years, We are working on various project of customers and long term working in rubber industry. We have faith in giving your professional advice on your particular project.

At present, our market have been expanded to more than 30 countries, and still growing.

First we will get drawing or sample from our client to check their design. If there is no drawing or sample, we will ask some question about product concept and design idea.

Then according to what application environment of rubber part, we will help design drawing and what raw material is best for rubber part. OEM parts are ok for us.

 We can meet your requirement of the design and use for different shapes and material, And high/low temperature, foam/sponge or solid rubber profile, fire resistance and special property of any rubber profile and molding rubber part.

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