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Self-adhesive Flame retardant foam seal strip

Self-adhesive Flame retardant foam seal strip

Self-adhesive Flame retardant foam seal strip
Product name : Self-adhesive Flame retardant foam seal strip
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 Self-adhesive Flame retardant rubber foam seal strip


Fire Retardant sealing strip is highly flexible, with foam tape(3M or other type tape),

This kind of sealing strip can be made by various of material, Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone Etc. So we manufacture all of kinds of flame retardant sealing strip, such as cellular rubber, microcellular rubber, cell polyethylene.



Flame Retardant Sealing Strip is manufactured by us, with highest quality, so past international requirement standards, in accordance with ISO EN 9002,DIN 4102-B1 and DIN4102-B2. So can be applied for building industry and automotive industry or other industry.




3M or as your requirement


According to your requirement


Black, yellow or as your requirement

Resistance to oil & grease, water,ozone




Thermal insulator material

Service temperature

~80 to +260℃

Max compression


Production process

Extruded or molding


ISO EN9002,  DIN 4102-B1, DIN4102-B2, etc

How to storage

Flame Retardant Sealing Strip should be stored under the dry, cool condition, not exposed under sunlight, moisture conditions. 


1. Fire Retardant sealing strip is with self-adhesive tape, applied to one side, so it is so easy to install and peel off

2. Suitable for sealing gap though a wide range of structures, Such as brick, block wall etc. So applied to building industry, automotive industry, Etc

3. Have tight dimension tolerance and have excellent compress ability, elasticity and adaptability to uneven surface

4. Environmental protection, no bad smell and harm to human.

How to use

1.Measure the width of gap, then choose right sealing strip

2. Clean up the dirty surface of gap, such as, dust, water, oil, keep surface clean and dry

3.Peel off the tape from one side of sealing strip

4.Stick the strip along window and door's frame

5.Strongly press sealing strip after sticking, make sure the strip is fixed firmly



1.Aerospace ,rail and automotive industry, and other transport industry

2.Medical and dental industry

3.Building industry


Flame Retardant closed cell Neoprene Sponge Strip

 has flexibility and a good temperature range,Has good strength and abrasion resistance property. And also has oil and chemical resistance.

It is commonly used in Aerospace and train for seating cushion.


The advantage

1.High-quality, 100% raw material,refused any recycle rubber. All of raw material are past certificated.

2.The most competitive price. Price is directly from our own factory.

3.Advanced automatic extrusion machinery, so surface smooth, shape well.

4.Strong glass grid self-adhesive tape, can stick on window and doors jamb firmly.

5.Can be customized as clients requirement



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