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PVC Plastic Extrusion Profile

PVC Plastic Extrusion Profile

PVC Plastic Extrusion Profile
Product name : PVC Plastic Extrusion Profile
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      PVC Plastic Extrusion Profile

PVC sealing strip is extruded by the microwave vulcanization process once.

Smooth surface,have excellent elasticity and compression deformation, anti-aging, anti-ozone, chemical resistant and wide temperature range(-50~200)℃),and other excellent performance, and widely used for automotive industry, building industry, etc.


PVC plastic Extrusion Profile overview

PVC has excellent inking performance,It can be made into a variety of colors and can be used widely.PVC used as a label material.

 According to the content of plasticizer can be divided into

1. Hard  PVC sealing strip

2. Soft PVC sealing strip.



It is widely used in battery, electric label, car applique, motorcycle applique, screen protection and window decoration.The applique of high temperature PVC products can achieve the effect of non-shrinkage, deformation and blister in all kinds of strict test conditions.It is completely meet the requirements of manufacturers in car and motorcycle with various brands.



1.excellent sealing performance

PVC sealing strip is in fact a kind of strip for sealing gap, joint,crack, etc

2.edge protector

 Some PVC sealing strip is protecting sealing, and is installed on sharp edge to safely recognition


Some PVC sealing strip is installed on ugly sealing to improve the whole appearance of any edge trim.


1.Aging,water, dust, weather, ozone, UV resistant

2.Smooth surface, can be made into any color, size, shape

3.Cheaper price than Rubber material

4.Excellent flexibility and compression deformation

5.Superior impact and toughness resistant

6.Wide high/low temperature range

Advantage & Feature

Excellent heat preservation


Superior sound insulation


Good water sealing property

Grade 5(GB/T7106-2008)

Compression deformation resistant

Grade 6(GB/T7106-2008)

Good air-tightness

Grade 6(GB/T7106-2008)

Easy Maintained

So easy to installation

Environment friendly

No harm to human

Aging resistant

Is used for years

Fire resistant


Good flexibility

Good flexibility



Standard export package or as your requirement

Our advantage:

1.Professional Manufactures

2.Competitive price including low tooling fee

3.High quality

4.Fast delivery time

5.Standard package

6.Excellent service after-sales



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