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Plastic profile, Extruded plastic profile

Plastic profile, Extruded plastic profile

Plastic profile, Extruded plastic profile
Product name : Plastic profile, Extruded plastic profile
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 Plastic profile, Extruded plastic profile

Plastic extrusion is is the elasticity of rubber at normal temperature, a kind of elastomer with plastic forming in high temperature. And is extruded with various of material,color ,dimensions. Also adding tape backing for requirement. So are widely used for all of industry due to plastic extrusion has lots of good performance.

Such as the window and door of equipment cabinet,automotive industry,building industry, and so on, good sealing and decoration performance for window and door.

Plastic profile has excellent performance.

1.Good impact resistance and fatigue resistance

2.High impact strength and good low temperature flexibility

3.Maintain good performance when temperature rises

4.Good resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents and weather

5.High tensile tear strength and high abrasion resistance

6.Easy to process and economical performance

7.Good recycle performance



1.Environmental protection, non-toxic, pollution-free

2.Do not have vulcanization, simplify production process

3.Excellent low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance

4.Soft touch, excellent surface quality

5.Wide hardness range:0Sha~100Sha

6.Water mouth materials and the edges can be recycled

7.Can adjust the materials according to the customer's requirement

8.The process is non-toxic and produces no unpleasant odors

9.No harm to environment and equipment



1.Monomer production and refinement

The basic ingredient is monomer, the most commonly used methods are distillation, washing, drying and so on.

2.polymerization process

The polymerization process is the process of polymerization of the monomer under the action of initiator and catalyst.Sometimes with an aggregation device, sometimes multiple tandem usage.The polymerization process of synthetic rubber is mainly applied to emulsion polymerization and solution polymerization. At present, adopting the material of emulsion polymerization such as, SBR, butadiene rubber, butyl rubber and so on

3.After treatment

Reprocessing is the process of aggregating the material of the reaction, removing the 

unreacted monomer, condensing, dehydrating, drying and packing, and finally The process of getting finished product rubber.The condensation process of emulsion polymerization mainly USES the addition of electrolyte or polymeric coagulant,Damage the emulsion to precipitate the gelatine,The condensation process of solution polymerization is dominated by hot water condensation.The gelatine produced after condensed can contain a lot of water. It needs to be dehydrated and dry.


Processing method

Plastic extrusion profile has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and the processing properties of soft plastic. Because dont need to be vulcanization like rubber, so it is OK that plastic extrusion profile are manufactured by simple plastic process machinery.So this kind of property make rubber industry process cut down 1/4. saving energy consumption 25%~40%., raise efficiency 10~20times. It is called that the rubber industry is another material and technological revolution. Thermal elastomer is a new type of polymer material between rubber and resin. Not only to replace some rubber, but also make plastic modify. Thermal elastomer has the double properties and broad characteristics of rubber and plastic. Make it be manufactured into rubber shoes and sheet , etc.  In addition, can be used in PVC, PE, PP, PS, etc., and even PU, PA, CA and other engineering plastics have been modified, so that the plastic industry has a new situation.


Relative disadvantage

1.It is new technology, and ordinary rubber processing plants are not familiar with it

2.The thermal elastic body needs to be dry before processing

3.Low hardness thermal elasticity is hard to be bought.

4.A thermal elastic body melts when the temperature rises,It can not be applied to a transient high temperature condition.

5.It is only in mass production and make the thermal elastic body economical.

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