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Rubber Strip for window and door

Rubber Strip for window and door

Rubber Strip for window and door
Product name : Rubber Strip for window and door
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 Rubber Strip for window and door

Doors and window seals are mainly used in plastics-steel window and door, al-alloy window &door ,wooden window & door, and Architectural decoration doors and Windows.Plastic steel window & door seals in the market are extruded by PVC, PVC modified, EPDM, elastomer seals(TPE, TPV, TPR, SEBS, etc) Silicone.


According to usage of seal strip: The seals are divided into

1.Glass seal strip (sealing)

2.Door handle sealing strip

3. Wool top sealing

Glass seal strip is used for sealing between glass, fan and frame; Door leaf and door pockets sealing strip is used for sealing between door plank and frame;

The wool sealing is mainly used for sealing between frames and fans;


A sealing strip is an essential accessory in process of the production and installation of wooden doors, Plastic-steel door and window and broken bridge aluminum window and door.



Solid Extrusions, Foam Extrusions, Solid + Sponge Extrusions, Solid + Flocking Extrusions, Rubber/Plastic + Steel Strip/Wire Composite Extrusions, Solid + Sponge + Steel Strip/Wire Composite Extrusions etc



Widely used in various kinds of industries, including auto parts, doors, windows, containers, machines, control cabinets, construction, ship industries etc

Available material

EPDM/NBR/silicone/SBR/PP/PVC etc.












Tensile strength











Specific Gravity





Temperature range


-29°C - 65.5°C



 Rubber sealing strip for window and door

1.Automotive weatherstripping


solid EPDM rubber + inserting steels pine or wire carrier +sponge rubber co-extruded.

Plastic extrusion + steel plate+sponge rubber ,glue together

2.Glazing sealing strip for window and door

Rubber window seals are used with a filler strip which clamps the rubber in place,

A fitting too can also be supplied to allow for easy windows seal replacement


EPDM Glazing Seals

EPDM rubber glazing seals have excellent weathering,wind and water, dust resistant.

Mainly used for rail, medical, building industry, etc

Color: black, white, yellow, any color you customized

Dimension: any dimension you welcome to customized


TPE Glazing Seals

Like EPDM, our TPE window rubbers offer excellent resistant to weathering, water, dust and water etc. We can also produce TPE window seals in a range of colour and dimension.


3.Flocked rubber Channel:

Flocked rubber channel will provide you with the best results when replacing or repairing damaged or missing channels in vehicles. All of channels are comprised of an electrostatic flocked rubber to protect the glass and provide quiet operation.


4.Self adhesive rubber seal


building door window seal is made of thin rubber strip with D/P/I/E shaped foam rubber tape. Mainly used for filling door window jambs,drafts etc.Color brown white black,hardness 35 shore A(very flexibly soft).


For automotive weatherstripping, car door rubber seal is a kind of self adhesive rubber strip, often made to be a D shaped hollowed foam rubber strip(P/Z shaped optional).


5.Fire resistant rubber seal

fireproof compound has been developed for use in fire and smoke-proof elements to prevent fire and smoke being transmitted by facades, windows or door elements


6.Rubber Trim Seals

Auto rubber trim seal often is often used in car door/trunk boot/engine hood or anything with an edge,for decorative trimming and protection


Rubber extrusion are mainly for sealing in all of industry.

Solid / sponge rubber profile,Rubber Edge Trims

H /P/D Channel Extrusions,Rubber Frame Profiles

Rubber Weather strips,Rubber Pinchweld Seals


And made from various of material, such as EPDM, Silicone, NBR, CR, etc

Performance of rubber seal strips materials


The property of EPDM

Excellent weather ability, anti-aging resistance, anti-weather, anti-ozone, anti-water, anti-wearing resistance and chemical resistance. High/low temperature(~40-+120℃) and chemical resistant,high flexibility and anti-deformation


The property of NBR

excellent resistant to oil,widely used in industrial area


The property of NR

high elasticity and good chemical strength


The property of CR

chemical,good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range


The property of SBR

shock resistance,performance well in adhesion and sealing


The property of Silicone

widest operating temperature range,performance

stably in high and low temperature,widely use in food sealing area

Excellent environment protection, no harm to human, some of silicone can be used for food and medical industry.


The property of VT/FKM

broad range of chemical,permeability and compression set are excellent


The property of HNBR

thermal stability and oxidation resistance


The property of IIR

low permeability rate and good electrical properties


The property of PVC

aging/oil/wear resistant, low price and good performance,than common rubber strip

disadvantage is no good flexibility in low temperature


The property of TPV

excellent mechanical, weather proof, sealing performance

Suit for environment of high or low temperature

Product Range

1.Window& door seal

2.container sealing strip

3.Automotive weather strip

4.EPDM/NBR/Silicone/PVC Rubber Seal

5.Rubber Edge Trim


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