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Rubber Weather Sealing Strip

Rubber Weather Sealing Strip

Rubber Weather Sealing Strip
Product name : Rubber Weather Sealing Strip
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 Rubber Weather Sealing Strip

Rubber weather sealing strip is mainly made with material EPDM, of course, we also can make it with other material if you require. Commonly used for car, boat, building, etc

And we can make all of shapes according to your requirement. Such as Double D Shape B Type, etc. Rubber weather strip has different usage due to different material, shape,and performance.Mainly used for automotive,boat, building, etc. Such as car door, car window, car trunk boot, car sunroof.

Automotive weather sealing strip

1.Made of sponge EPDM and solid EPDM or PVC, with metal or wire or Aluminum clip insert and tongue shape buckle

2.Smooth surface, excellent flexibility and anti-deformation. Easy to install.

      3.Automotive weather sealing strip also can be processed into flocking seal strip with pile coating or be self-adhesive backing rubber sealing strip, so three materials composite(EPDM+FOAM EPDM+STEEL TAPE).

      4.Water and wind resistance, anti impact/shock absorption, noise reduction, dust and weather resistance, car door and window decoration


Application range

Rail, cars, automotive, steamboat, industrial electrical equipment, building door & window, construction, machinery, bridge and tunnel,etc

So rubber weather sealing strip have different application solution as different application environment.




When construction use rubber seal, in normal condition, rubber weather sealing strip will be used in large-scale buildings glass outside wall. Weatherstrip sealing are mainly for sealing gap between wall of solid glass building and frame of building, reinforce the performance of building. The material of this kinds of strip is mainly EPDM and thermoplastic rubber.

 customized EPDM rubber weather strip


Material: NBR,EPDM,CR,NR,SBR,VT/FKM,silicone etc

Color: Black,brown,white,blue,green etc

Shape: D,E, I Or customized

Craft: Compression,injection,extrusion

Certificates: ISO9001 and TS16949

Rubber range of weather sealing strip

(1)EPDM /NBR/Silicone/PVC Rubber Seal

(2)auto/vehicle/car/trunk seal

(3)container door seal

(4)EPDM foam seal/density and sponge seal


Various Mechanical and electrical equipment box seal, Wooden door, garage door seal, Glass curtain wall seal, aluminum window seal,Car door seal,Refrigeration door seal, dry goods door seal strip, automobile sealing strip, automotive decoration strip, The train and subway sealing strip, etc


Feedback from client:

Our weather sealing strip have standard international export package and top quality

And fast delivery time, excellent after-sales service, so receive excellent feedback from lost of clients. And also attract clients introducing his friend to us to purchase our parts.


Our part are mainly exported to country

USA, Mexico,Canada,France,Germany,Netherlands,Austria,Australian,New Zealand and so on.


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