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Silicone rubber extruded profile

Silicone rubber extruded profile

Silicone rubber extruded profile
Product name : Silicone rubber extruded profile
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 Silicone rubber extruded profile

Silicone is a polymer compound, application is widely used.

Different types of silicone have different microporous structures due to different manufacturing methods, so is divided into solid silicone part and foam silicone pat.


Silicone rubber extruded profile overview

Silicone rubber extruded profile is also extruded into sealing strip with various shape, color, dimension. Among the many synthetic rubber, silicon rubber is the best in it. Because silicone has lots of excellent performance.



1.Anti-high temperature

Silicone has wide service temperature range (~40-230℃).

Can be used in microwave and oven. So some of lunch box and bowl are made of silicone.

2.Easy to clean

 Silicone part can be washed in clean water and dishwasher.

3.Long life

 The performance of silicone is stable, so the use life of silicone part made is longer than other material.

4.softer and comfortable

Benefit the softness of silicone materials, the cake mould products are comfortable, flexible and not deformed

5.Various of Color

According to the needs of customers, different beautiful colors can be prepared. Therefore, there are many silicone products in the market that are very beautiful and fashionable, which have become a favorite among celebrities and other people

6.Environment friendly and non-toxic

No poisonous and harmful substances are produced from raw materials to finished products.

7.electrical insulation property

Silicone rubber has high electrical resistivity, and its resistance can remain stable in wide temperature range and frequency range. At the same time, silicone has good resistance to high voltage corona discharge and arc discharge, such as high voltage insulator,TV high pressure cap, electrical components and so on.

8.Resistant low temperature

Minimum temperature point of ordinary rubber - 20 to 30 degrees, whereas silicone rubber are at 60 degrees to 70 degrees still has good elasticity, some special formula of silicone rubber can also withstand extremely low temperature, such as low temperature oring and so on.

9.electrical conductivity

When joining conductive filler (such as carbon black), silicone rubber has good conductivity, such as a keyboard, electric heating element, antistatic conductive contact part, high voltage cable shielding, medical therapy conductive film, etc. Mainly used in pressed key  and so on.

1.Resistant Weather

Ordinary rubber ozone generated by corona discharge under the action of rapid degradation, and silicone rubber is not influenced by ozone, and for a long time under the condition of ultraviolet radiation and other climate, Its physical properties are also small changes, such as the sealing material used outdoors.

2.thermal conductivity

When some heat conduction filler is added, the silicone rubber has good thermal conductivity, such as heat sink, thermal seal pad, photocopier, and fax machine guide roller etc

3.radioactivity resistance


The resistance of silicon rubber containing phenyl is greatly improved, such as electrical insulation cable, nuclear power plant connector, etc.


1. building industry

  Used for the bonding of glass and metal curtain walls, sealing of roof, sealing of doors and Windows, the adhesion and sealing of various pools and tiles

2. Electronics Industry

  It is used for encapsulation and perfusion material of electronic electrical parts, which can prevent dampness, earthquake resistance and impact resistance, temperature change and chemical corrosion

3. Tooling industry

The excellent simulation and good stripping performance of silicone rubber have been widely used in the soft mould industry

4.Automotive, boat and airlines industry

It is used as a car in-situ forming gasket, car window seal, electronic electrical appliance connector, anti-corona, etc

5.Medical industry

It has tasteless and non-toxic, not afraid of high temperature and the resistance to cold.

Under ~90 to 300 , still keep "calm in the face" and "not changing ",Still not lose the strength and elasticity of the original.Silicone rubber also has good electrical insulation, anti-aging resistance, anti-aging resistance, mildew resistance, chemical stability, etc.

Because of these excellent properties, silicone rubber has played an important role in modern medicine. A variety of silicone rubber medical supplies have been successfully developed by cooperating with hospitals, scientific research units and factories.


Advantage of our silicone profile

The silicone material has good sealing properties, high temperature resistance, 

1.anti-aging resistance and anti-vibration and waterproof, and can be used to fit all kinds of materials with smooth surface.

2.Can be with tape backing, then has excellent sealing performance, and dont fall off under high temperature conditions. Environment friendly, good insulation performance, anti-high temperature, small compression deformation, good durable, no toxic.

3.The foaming of Foam silicone is balanced. The density can be 0.25-0.85 g/cm3, Hardness can reach 8~30ShA. Environment protection, no toxic and odorless. Excellent flexibility and durable. The surface is no bubble and pore. High strength and long use life.

 And insulation, environment friendly,high/low temperature resistant, compression deformation resistant, acid and alkali resistant, aging resistant, UV resistant.

4.The surface is smooth, the density of foam is uniform.

5. Good surface, non-stick, air permeability,Use 100% quality silicone material

   And strictly test, meet environment protection standard

6.High temperature range resistant :~70-300℃

7.Superior resistant heat range:Silicone rubber has better heat resistance than ordinary rubber. Almost any performance change used under 150℃ conditions. And use 10000H under 200℃,also can be used for a while.

8.Weather resistant

Generally ,The rubber is rapidly degraded under the ozone caused by corona discharge.

But silicone dont be effected. The physical performance is just little change under UV and other bad weather conditions.

9.Resistant aging, anti-corrosion, Silicone itself is highly inert.



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