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Silicone sponge rubber sealing strip

Silicone sponge rubber sealing strip

Silicone sponge rubber sealing strip
Product name : Silicone sponge rubber sealing strip
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 Silicone sponge rubber sealing strip

Silicone sponge rubber sealing strip is actually expanded closed cell strip, and can be manufactured with various of color, width, shapes, density. And many of good performance as like solid silicone strip. But is softer than solid silicone.

Silicone sponge rubber sealing strip is can be with all of kinds of tape backing according to requirement.


Application of silicone sealing strip

Silicone sponge rubber sealing strip has excellent resistant high temperature performance, so can be used for microwave door seal, oven door seal and so on


Silicone sponge rubber sealing strip overview

1.color, dimension, density,thickness are available for your requirement

2.They are extruded into sealing strip which is made of 100% silicone raw material,

  adding some proportion of foam auxiliary material to form the shape of sponge honeycomb.



1.good sealing performance

2.High temperature resistant

3.Excellent weather resistant(freezing cold, ozone,UV)

4.Aging resistant, water proof, dust resistant, and other dirty something.

5.Environment friendly, no harm to human


Technical Parameters


Special silicone, Foam auxiliary


White, red etc,



Density (g/cm3)


Tearing Strength(KN/m)

≥2<hardness↑tearing strength↑>

Tensile Strength(Mpa)

≥0.8<hardness↑Tensile Strength ↑>

Elongation at Break %


Working Temperature (℃)




Flammability (UL-94)


Thermal Conductivity W/m.k

≤0.1<hardness ↑thermal conductivity ↑>

Permanent Compression Set Value 25%



ROHS, FDA, etc

 Application of silicone sponge sealing strip

Silicone sealing strip is mainly used for automobile, steamboat, industrial electrical equipment, building door & window, construction machinery, construction bridge and tunnel etc

1.automotive: door, trunk, window sealing for wheel wells, window weather striping

2.building products: curtain wall frames, OEM window seals, door seals slider door seals, tract and channel seals

3. window and door: various door seals, edge guards, egress window frames, garage door seals

 Why choose us?

1..High quality, Material: 100% silicone sponge strips , soft and comfortable, non-toxic

 2.Dimension: standard or  customized as your requirement

 3.Color:various color available, any color of Pantone color chat can be customized

 4.Packing: different package can be chosen, such as poly-bag, blister or according request

5.We have over 15 years' experience in rubber and plastic manufacturing, and our factory has done ISO9001 certificate by SGS.

6.Complete production equipment and test equipment ,Fast delivery time.

7.excellent service after-sales

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