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Silicone sponge/foam rubber seal

Silicone sponge/foam rubber seal

Silicone sponge/foam rubber seal
Product name : Silicone sponge/foam rubber seal
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 Silicone sponge/foam Seal is made of silicone by extrusion tooling. Has transparent and smooth appearance.
Excellent flexible and elasticity, Non-toxic and tasteless. Anti high and low temperature.
It is not easy to age and deformation, Mild acid and alkali resistance.
Ozone resistance,solvent resistance, has better property on electrical insulation.
It is first choice of Chemical, medicine, food, electronics, machinery industry.

The property of silicone sponge/foam rubber seal

1. High/Low temperature resistance: Used for long time under 260℃there is flexibility above 60℃.

2. Electrical insulation property: The dielectrical property of silicone is excellent,

In particular, the dielectric properties under the high temperature are much higher than general organic rubber

3. Dielectric strength within 20-180 ℃ is hardly affected by temperature

4. Excellent weather resistance, ozone and ultraviolet radiation resistance,There is no crack when it is used in the outdoor,It is generally believed that the silicone sealing strip can be used indoors for more than 20 years, be used outdoor from 8 years to 12 years.


The Advantage of silicone sponge/foam rubber seal

1. Adopting 100% high quality silicone, raw materials and has been strictly tested to meet environmental standards

2. Surface foam uniform, adhesive self-adhesive backing

3. Waterproof and shockproof, good sealing property

4. Insulation, safe and environmental protection, high and low temperature, compression

5. Acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance

6. High resilience

7. Not fall off for long time

Chemical stability of silicone

1. weak acid and weak base resistance: Such as weak corrosive medicine,
Low concentration potassium permanganate, Acetaldehyde reagent,animal and vegetable oil,

Vaseline, glucose, alcohol, hand sanitizer, juice, Disinfectant, blood, weak acid alkaline gas, etc.

2. Can be operation In the 60 ~ + 260 ℃ working environment , can sterilization in High temperature and high pressure ,
can use ethylene oxide, B ray irradiation disinfection,etc

3. Not suitable for strong acid base and organic solvent,Such as high concentration of sulfuric acid,
Hydrochloric acid, gasoline, diesel oil, silicone oil, mineral oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil,
high concentrations of ozone, and so on

Rang of application

Widely used for Cabinet seal, oven seal, oil pipeline, environmental protection equipment,
household electrical appliances seal,Drinking water pipe seal, medicine and so on.


It is widely used in modern industry,Textile printing and dyeing equipment.
Textile printing and dyeing equipment. Dry equipment, special door seal,
advanced oven, high-grade vehicles,Building glass, defense industry, medical food,
electrical appliances and daily necessities.

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